2 Undefeateds Left

Week 4 – Down to 2

As we enter into week 4 of High School football, let’s look at our undefeated teams. We have only 2 teams that have unblemished records. They are Fairless and Lake. At this time last year we had 4 teams without a loss. Green, Jackson, Canton South, and Fairless.

Fairless must be sticking to the plan. Last year through 3 games they average 35.0 per game compared to this year at 32.0 ppg. As for points allowed, it’s 11.0 last year compared to 4.3 for this year. Whatever kind of water they are drinking in Navarre, keep drinking it.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame game of the week has Jackson traveling to Green. Both teams are 2-1, but when it comes to scoring Green is the team with all of the offense. They are averaging 50.7 points per game. Compare that to Jackson at 28.7. Both teams are giving up around 30.0 ppg. I believe I might need to bring a few more scoring cards for the amount of points we may see Friday night.

Our kudos for last week goes to Zion Culver, of Canton South. He rushed for 107 yards and 6 td’s in a win over Sandy Valley.

See you in the pressbox.