A Quarterback’s Rating
What is a quarterback rating? Is it important? Per Sporting Charts the definition of the quarterback rating is a “statistic that combines all of the other passing stats to allow easy analysis of a quarterback’s overall performance. Generally, quarterbacks with high completion percentages and more touchdowns than interceptions will have high quarterback ratings, while inaccurate and interception-prone quarterbacks will have very low ratings. The equation tops out at 158.3, which is generally considered a perfect performance by a quarterback. Critics claim that the quarterback rating is an overly complicated equation that makes little sense, particularly given the odd number that makes up the top of the QB rating scale”. Clear as mud.
I have spoken with a number of high school coaches who have told me that this is the most irrelevant stat is high school football. That being said, I still decided to have some fun with the top 10 QB’s in Stark County. Six of the top 10 have a rating of over 100.
Aiden Longwell, Massillon – 152.9
Connor Ashby, Hoover – 143.2
Hunter Geissinger, Jackson – 125.7
Cameron Blair, Sandy Valley – 124.3
Colton Jones, Louisville – 103.0
CJ Greiner, Marlington – 101.2
Maybe we will visit this again at the end of the season. Next week we will take a look at the top receivers in our county.
Kudos to my player of the week – Nathanael Suntheimer, RB East Canton, 31 carries, 209 yards, 4 TD’s leading East Canton to a 37-36 win over Malvern.