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Sports Featured 2
1480 WHBC @ Stark County Coaches Preview Show

We’re celebrating 75 years of high school football in a BIG way! 1480 WHBC is proud to partner with the St. Haralambos Men’s Club for this year’s Stark County Coaches Preview Show. 19 Stark County Coaches will tell us what to expect for this upcoming high school football season…and we’ll take questions from the audience.

Sports Featured 2 – All new! All improved!!  All new!  All improved! WHBC.  High School football, Basketball, baseball and softball Lives Here! 74 years in the making!  Play by play.  Game by game.  Tradition matters and that’s why Stark county turns to WHBC for everything high school sports.  And now, introducing the all new!  It’s the sports website driven by you, the