Cleveland Browns 2021 NFL Draft Class

Cleveland Browns 2021 NFL Draft Class

(height – weight – 40 yard dash time)

1st Round – Pick 26 – CB – Greg Newsome II – N’Western – 6’1 – 190 – 4.39 Scouting Report:

Junior entry, two year starter, Chicago, IL. A lengthy athletic prospect
that checks most of the boxes of an elite corner at the next level.
An intelligent zone defender with experience in a variety of technique
and coverage. As a hard corner he can reroute or just react at the
snap creating misreads for receivers. Adept at balancing routes and
reading the delivery key both in Cover 2 and 3. Excellent lateral
movement to cover ground and close voids in zones. Solid press
corner he uses his length to jam and disrupt routes at the line. In off
coverage he has a low fluid pedal and easily changes speeds to maintain
cushion. Smooth in transition he times his turn and run along with
his speed to stay in phase on vertical routes. No wasted movement
changing directions. Sudden to break on the throw he uses his length
to get to the catch point. He got his hands on ten balls in a shortened
season. Willing in run support he can be physical working against a
stalk block and can gather and tackle in space. While physical at
times he has some trouble shedding a block and can get locked up in
a stalemate. Once in awhile goes for the big play on the ball and misses.
Needs some work in playing the ball for the interception. In three
seasons Newsome has played in 21 games missing time each year with
injuries. Notably he missed most of the Big Ten Championship with a
groin injury. As a result his sample size is somewhat small but the upside
is there. Injury concerns may affect where he goes. 2020 stats: 12 T, 9
PBU, 1 INT. First/second round. (A-31 1/8, H-8 7/8, VJ-40, SS-4.26)

2nd Round – Pick 52 – LB – Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah – Notre Dame – 6’1 – 220- 4.65 Scouting Report:

Junior entry, two-year starter, Hampton, VA. Plays the Rover position
which is like the hybrid/outside linebacker position in the NFL.
While somewhat undersized to play in the box, he has the skills NFL
teams covet as a big nickel. Instinctive versus the run he takes good
angles to the ball with outstanding chase ability. Flashes hand usage
and can slip blocks on the move. Explosive with gather and finish he
can drop a ball carrier in his tracks. Normally makes the plays in

space with good short space agility. Effective as an outside blitzer
showing outstanding closing ability off the edge. Has been productive
getting to the quarterback on the blitz. Often used to match tight
ends and slots, he has the speed to play vertical routes. Has range in
zone coverage with a quick break on the ball. Plays under deep
routes in flat coverage with spacing to break up on the short throw.
Processing multiple routes has given him trouble at times. He will
sometimes get distracted to an underneath route creating a window
on an intermediate. Not the most powerful guy, there are some
problems with straight up blocks. On rare occasion he will miss by
lunging at a tackle. He has improved consistency in 2020. There is
some doubt where his best spot is in the NFL. Some may look at him
as a safety but he will have to develop better zone awareness for
multiple routes. May project to Will as he is more physical than his
stature dictates. Most likely will move around a defense playing
inside and overhang based on formation and coverage. Adding a few
pounds could help, but he is an elite prospect. 2020 stats: 62 T, 11
TFL, 1.5 sacks, 3 PBU, 2 QBH, 3 FF, 1 FR (1 TD). First round. (A33, H-8 7/8, BP-NA, SS-4.15, VJ-36.5).

3rd RoundPick 91 – WR – Anthony Schwartz – Auburn – 6’0 – 186 – 4.27 Scouting Report:

Junior entry, one-year starter, Pembroke Pines, FL. Has been a key
piece to the Auburn offense since the start of his career. Was the
fastest player in college football winning a silver medal in the 2018
World Championships for track and field. The record-setting 100
meter sprinter was able to put that speed on display throughout his
career as the team used him as a versatile gadget player that lined up
in the slot and backfield. While the skill set hasn’t quite caught up,
there is a significantly high ceiling here if he can find the right
schematic fit. There is no defense for this kind of speed. He has a
decent frame that should be able to add some bulk and the right
coach should get this tough competitor to make plays. Brings twitch
and slight change of direction ability to change his trajectory degree
in an instant. Will miss contact by defenders with the ball in his hands.
Good hands, will catch the easy ones consistently. Can be used in a
variety of ways. Dangerous in space and has experience on jet sweeps.
A gadget player that can be moved around pre-snap to make a defense
react. Still raw around the edges when it comes to the receiver skill set.
Needs to be a better route runner considering his ability to move.
Struggles to get out of breaks on comeback routes and lateral turns. Not
a strong presence in traffic. Ball skills are limited. Will get caught up at
the line against a quality press corner. 2020 stats: 54-636, 11.8 ypr, 3
TD. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 1/2, H-9 3/8, VJ-32, SS-4.25).

4th Round – Pick 110 – OT – James Hudson – Cincinnati – 6’4 – 302 – 5.34 Scouting Report:

Junior entry, one-year starter, Toledo, OH. Earned first-team All
AAC honors in 2020. Originally a defensive line recruit that began
his career at Michigan before transferring to Cincinnati in 2018.
Hudson underwent a nationally-known mental health situation that
enabled his transfer. The NCAA denied his immediate eligibility,
thus forcing him to sit out all but one game. He then played in the
shortened 2020 season, starting 10 times. That is it. He is still
incredibly raw and inexperienced, but there is absolutely no denying
his physical talent and upside. He has a lot to learn and clean up but
there is a level of explosion, twitch, and power here that very few
can match. It may take a year-plus, but he could be a starting tackle
or guard for a long time, and a very good one. Explosive foot work
that translates into power. Incredible twitch in his lower half. Can
move a great distance up the edge in pass protection in a hurry
without his feet ever coming more than a couple inches off the
ground. A dangerous, borderline reckless blocker when he gets into
space with a head full of steam. Has the quickness and agility to
move with defenders beyond the line of scrimmage. Has a violent
punch that gets big time movement on his man when his feet and
hips are lined up. Has loads of untapped potential and is still raw and
inexperienced on the offense side. Just at the start of the offensive
lineman learning curve. Raw and inexperienced. Techniques are
inconsistent across the board. Doesn’t trust his footwork and it will
cause him to overextend, making him top heavy and off balance.
Hands are inaccurate. Will be susceptible to holding penalties until
he becomes more automatic. Doesn’t understand the art of pass
protection yet. Too often beat by double moves, especially to his
inside shoulder. Sixth/seventh round. (A-33, H-11, BP-22, 10-1.84)

4th Round – Pick 132 – DT – Tommy Togiai – Ohio State – 6’2 – 300 – 5.01 Scouting Report:

Junior entry, one-year starter, Pocatello, ID. Earned second-team
All Big 10 honors in 2020. An athletic penetrator who can get off
the ball well, but mostly excels with his post-engagement movement.
Has twitchy, strong hands and can adjust his weight on demand to
avoid getting locked onto. His switch is always on and will make an
impact far away from the point of attack. Struggles to maintain his
position against the run, notably when multiple blockers get their
hands on him. Projects to be a rotational pass rusher that will bring
energy to a front. Athletic, fast-footed penetrator that can change
his direction in a flash. Twitchy with a top heavy frame. Explosive
hands that he knows how to use when it comes to techniques and
shedding. Thin, but fast lower half. Can bend back late to miss the
blocker’s punch, showing plus-reaction speed. Will take advantage
of an over-aggressive off-balanced blocker. Hungry, aggressive, and
tough mental traits that show up weekly. Will maneuver through traffic
well. Passionate, high motor playing style will make up for some of his
physical shortcomings. Lacks a true and dependable base to anchor his
position. Pad level is inconsistent. 2020 stats: 23 T, 4.5 TFL, 3 sacks,
2 PBU, 1 FF. Fourth/fifth round. (A-31 3/4, H-8 7/8, BP-40, 10-1.78).

5th Round – Pick 153 – LB – Tony Fields II – West Virginia – 6’1 – 222 – 4.64 Scouting Report:

One-year starter, Las Vegas NV. Transferred from Arizona where he
was a three-year starter. At West Virginia he played in the box and
on the edge in the Mountaineers’ scheme. High energy player he is
quick with read and is explosive getting downhill to fit inside gaps.
Uses his hands with a quick punch to separate from blockers on the
move. More powerful than his frame suggests. Chases with sideline
to sideline range. He’s best in backside pursuit as ability to slip
blocks keeps him on track to the ball. Gets through the wash to a lot
of tackles. Consistently gets ball carriers on the ground although
sometimes it’s a wrap tackle after almost overrunning. Has sudden
change of direction skill and recovers well if out of position. Blitzes
and stunts from the edge with a sense of urgency and closing burst.
Second effort gets him to the ball consistently. In zone coverage
takes a shuffle drop and has a knack for playing the seam while
reading the quarterback. Sees threats and is quick to react with the
ball in the air. Has made some plays getting in the throwing lane or
separating a receiver from the ball. Solid mirror ability in a short
space covering tight ends and backs man to man. Not as effective
with the play right at him. If engaged with a powerful blocker there
is some inconsistency escaping. His aggressiveness in pursuit can
cause inconsistent angles on the perimeter. He has both under and over
run at times. Lacks the bulk of a downhill thumper but his profile plays
well for a modern Will linebacker. Has the potential to play three
downs in the NFL. 2020 stats: 88 T, 4 TFL, 1 sack, 2 PBU, 4 QBH, 1
INT. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 3/4, H-9, BP-17, SS-4.48, VJ-34).

6th Round – Pick 169 – S – Richard LeCounte – Georgia – 5’11 – 192 – 4.79


6th Round – Pick 211 – WR – Demetric Felton – UCLA – 5’8 1/2 – 189 – 4.59 Scouting Report:

Three-year starter, Temecula, CA. Has been a key contributor to
the offense from day one. A hybrid receiver/running back that split
his snaps at the two positions but really took over the backfield in
the shortened 2020 season. Earned first-team All-Pac 12 honors at
the athlete position. Felton is exactly that. He is someone who
should not be restricted to one spot on the depth chart. His quickness,
acceleration with the ball, and vision can be used in a variety of
ways. He can run routes and catch the ball like a slot receiver and
knows how to press the running lane like a seasoned running back. Is
a unique and versatile threat who should add multiple options to an
offense. Advanced route running tactics that stem from elite stop
and go quickness and foot speed. Can shake his way in and out
contact with a defender. Stays clean and free from contact by cover
corners and linebackers alike. A hard guy to even touch in space.
Excellent vision and anticipation of angles with the ball in his
hands. Can set would-be tacklers up and make them miss in tight
spaces. Tough and hardnosed. Won’t shy from contact. Top end
speed is limited. Doesn’t have the speed to run away from defenders
in space. Short area quickness doesn’t have the next gear. Easy to
take down for defenders when they get two hands on him. Won’t be
overly effective as an inside rusher. Too many false steps as a route
runner when he is split out. Needs to get off the line with more
assertion. Small catch radius and doesn’t have great staying power in
traffic. 2020 stats: 668 yds, 5.1 ypc, 5 TD, 22 rec, 159 yds, 7.2 ypr,
3 TD. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 3/8, H-9 3/8, BP-10, SS-4.50).