Cleveland Browns Raise Season-Ticket Prices

CLEVELAND (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Coming off of what many consider a very disappointing 2019 season, the Cleveland Browns are really asking fans to buy in as the upcoming year approaches.

So far, 2020 has brought the Browns a new head coach, general manager and offensive and defensive coordinator. Members of the front office recently decided to get the fans, and their wallets, involved in the ongoing changes.

The franchise will raise their season ticket prices for the upcoming season. This marks the third increase since 2008, the year that followed the organization’s last winning season.

Senior Vice President of Communications Peter John-Baptiste said in a statement despite the raising season ticket prices, the team will fall within the fourth least expensive season tickets in the NFL.

“We have a deep appreciation for the support of our season ticket members and fans. We will always prioritize providing affordable options for all while looking at ticket prices throughout the NFL to determine our structure. The last 12 years, our ticket prices have remained flat in many areas. After careful consideration and discussion, we created a moderate increase that will still fall within the four least expensive season tickets in the NFL. We fully understand that our results on the field have not met expectations, either ours or our fans, and we are working hard to create the success that our fans truly deserve.”

According to the Browns, the cost increases won’t be very high. Nearly two thirds of the rates in the stadium will be adjusted by $10 or less per game.