Denny Kinkead Loves Numbers

I have been a fan of numbers my whole life. Numbers never lie and numbers can always tell a story. Numbers state facts.

One story so far this year is the Lake Blue Streaks who are 3-0 with wins coming from teams all outside of Stark County. They are averaging 50.7 ppg and only giving up 11.3ppg. This week they will back in the county as they travel to Louisville for a game Friday night. That will be the stream game of the week

Fact: Stark County has 5 undefeated teams at 3-0. The teams are Perry, McKinley, Lake, Sandy Valley, and Massillon.

Finally, I am not sure if I have ever seen this before, but we have an entire league with the exact same record after 3 weeks. The PAC-7 teams all have a 2-1 record with no team playing any league games yet. League play starts for most teams this week and this is where the fun begins.

Good Luck to your favorite team!

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