Did Stark County flex its muscle in week 3?


Week 3 had 18 of our 19 Stark County schools playing games against teams outside of Stark County.

We will exclude GlenOak and East Canton from our list since there games were cancelled due to covid.

That being said, Stark county went 8 – 8. (these numbers excludes the lone Stark county vs. Stark County game: Canton South vs. Northwest.  Canton South was victorious in a 34-7 win).  The breakdown goes like this:

Federal League – 4-2

Independents – 1-3

Eastern Buckeye – 1-3

PAC 7 – 2-0

IVC – 1-0


Looks like Stark County did about average.  (Not the week I had hoped)

For those teams that now begin league play, it’s time to work towards that team goal of winning the league championship. In Stark County, we have some of the best games each and every Friday night.  We have the rivalries, the big crowds, and the atmosphere.  There is no better place to be on a Friday night.

Kudos of the week goes to Zach Slates, Perry’s coach.  He starts his head-coaching reign going 1-2, all overtime games. Not sure, that is how he envisioned his first 3 games would go.


It is Keith Wakefield night at Perry vs. McKinley game.  Perry is officially naming the stadium, ‘Keith Wakefield Stadium’.  Should be a great night and a well-deserved honor.


As the late, great Red Sanders once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”