Football is a game of numbers

A few years ago I had the opportunity of talking with some high school coaches who told me that football is simple math. It’s about angles and numbers.

Statistics are used to analyze important information in the game of football, such as the number of touchdown passes a quarterback throws, a running back’s total rushing yards, or how many tackles a defensive lineman makes.

Coaches review player statistics all the time. They use those numbers for game planning. Numbers tell a story, numbers don’t lie, numbers are a very important part of the game. Numbers can win a game or lose a game.

In preparing for games I enjoy gathering all of the statistics from both teams and used those numbers as talking points before and during the game.

Yes, I am a numbers geek !

Kudos of the week:

My kudos of the week goes to Austin Beck, quarterback from Central Catholic. Beck threw for 321 yards, throwing to nine different receivers.