Massillon Vs. Canton McKinley Eye of the Tiger – Atomic Dog Mashup

Oil and water; Toothpaste and orange juice; Massillon Tigers and Canton McKinley Bulldogs; Some things just don’t go together. Other times, you smash two things together that shouldn’t fit and you end up with magic. That’s what happened when we took the theme songs of the Massillon Tigers and the Canton McKinley Bulldogs and mashed up Eye of the Tiger and Atomic Dog. The rivalry of Massillon vs. McKinley is intense and the songs are synonymous with the teams, so hearing them together almost seems wrong, but it’s actually pretty catchy.


Dog Of Atomic Tiger

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The Massillon Tigers are hosting the Canton McKinley Bulldogs at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, Saturday, October 19th. This will be the 133rd meeting of the teams featuring two teams that are headed to the playoffs. The Massillon Tigers are looking to win it’s 8th game of the year and the Canton McKinley Bulldogs are looking to pick up their 6th win in a row.  The Massillon Tigers have won the last six games in a row against the Canton McKinley Bulldogs. If you want more coverage, you can check out these Massillon Tigers Vs. Canton McKinley Bulldogs facts. Mix 94.1 will be live at Joey’s Kendall Tavern in Massillon on Saturday morning for the pregame. Pregame coverage for the War of 1894 begins at noon and kick off is at 2:00.

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And if you are not digging the idea of the Tigers and the Bulldogs getting along and the Massillon Vs. Canton McKinley mash up is just too much for you, here’s the originals.