My Predictions for the 2020 Pro Football HOF Class

With the announcement on Friday of 20 players being selected for the 2020 Pro Football HOF Class. I have decided to select the 2020 class from right now. Just to iron this out – the class will be 10 seniors, five modern-era finalists, three contributors and two coaches. Here are my predictions for the class. 


Five modern era nominees — 

Isaac Bruce, wide receiver (Rams, 1994-2007; 49ers 2008-09) 

John Lynch, safety (Buccaneers, 1993-2003; Broncos, 2004-2007) 

Steve Atwater, safety (Broncos 1989-98; Jets, 1999)

Zach Thomas, linebacker, (Miami Dolphins 1996-2007, Dallas Cowboys 2008) 

Troy Polamalu, safety, (Steelers, 2003-14)


Senior nominees

Duke Slater, tackle, (Milwaukee Badgers 1922, Rock Island Independents 1922-1925, Chicago Cardinals 1926-1931)

L.C Greenwood, defensive end, (Steelers 1969-81)

Ken Anderson, quarterback, (Cincinnati Bengals 1971-86)

John Brodie, quarterback, (San Francisco 49ers 1957-1973)

Mac Speedie, end, (Browns 1946-52)

Al Wistert, tackle, (Eagles 1943-51)

Joe Jacoby, tackle, (Redskins 1981-1993)

Cliff Branch, wide receiver, (Oakland/LA Raiders 1972-1985)

Otis Taylor, wide receiver, (Kansas City Chiefs 1965-75)

Ox Emerson, guard, center & linebacker, (Portsmouth Spartans 1931-1933, Detroit Lions 1934-1937, Brooklyn Dodgers 1938)



Steve Sabol, NFL Films, (Head of NFL Films from 1962-2012)

Ralph Hay, Owner/Organizer, (A co-founder of the NFL)

Eddie Kotal, scout, (He started in the late 1940s & became the prototype for the modern scout)



Don Coryell, coach, (St. Louis Cardinals 1972-1977, San Diego Chargers 1978-1986)

Buddy Parker, coach, (Chicago Cardinals 1949, Detroit Lions 1951-1956, Pittsburgh Steelers 1957-1964)