Postseason is a New Season

All the preppin’ is done. The anticipation heightens, and the journey begins as the next season….the season of One and Done is upon us.

It’s been a long grind of a season. League Champions have weathered the storm. They are battle tested, and ready for the second season. Those whose season was less fulfilling than expected…but have been given new life with the expanded playoff format. They now have the opportunity to the put the regular season in the rear view mirror, and approach the OHSAA Playoffs as the 2nd chance to correct expectations unfulfilled…to make a statement when no one else expects it from them. You never know.

“One and Done”. That’s the daunting reality of the playoffs. Bring your “A” game….your maximum effort…leave it all on the field. If not, there is no next practice to re-group, to make adjustments, to strategize. No 2 nd chance. You go home. However, that is what makes the playoffs so special. Each and every team will provide their best effort. Each and every Senior wants the opportunity to play one more game. To extend the experience…the memories. The journey to Week 15.

It all begins for the Fairless Falcons this Friday Night at 7pm on 1480 WHBC/MIX 94.1. Coach Sarbaugh’s Falcons have produced back to back Pac 7 Championships. In 2021..One and Done reared it’s head in Week 11. The Falcons are focused and look to extend that vs Orville. The Red Riders will bring their game. After a 2 – 4 start they reeled off 4 in a row including quality wins against and Canton South. Fairless closed with 3 consecutive wins…scoring 40 or more in each game. This is an excellent 1st round match up.

So… One and Done…the Next Season…the Playoffs. The Championship Trophy to fulfill hopes and dreams. Execution and expectations. The reward for focus and commitment. From my perspective In The Booth. Buckle Up. Enjoy the ride. Make the dream happen. Where else but Week 11? High School Football LIVES here for our 78th Season!!! The Pro Football Hall of Fame Game of the Week this Friday Night… on the One, The Only 1480

WHBC/MIX 94.1 !!! Kenny Roda, Denny Kinkead, Mark Miller and yours truly with
the action. See y’all On the Radio!!!