Rivalry Week

We have completed week 9 of High School Football and just one undefeated team remains. Congratulations to Massillon as the only team in Stark County 9-0.

Before we moved onto week 10, time to hand out stat of the week award. The stat of the week belongs to Lake’s running back Cameron Martin. Martin carried the ball 18 times for 266 yards and 3 touchdowns. He averaged 14.8 yards per carry.

The kudos award goes to Marlington’s quarterback CJ Greiner. Greiner was 14 of 30 passing for 228 yards and 3 touchdowns. He averaged 16.3 per catch.

Now on to week 10 which can be called affectionally called rivalry week. There are some great week 10 games like North Canton-Jackson, Perry-GlenOak, Alliance-Marlington, Fairless-Tuslaw, Dover-New Philadelphia, Orrville-Triway, Sandy Valley-Malvern and of course McKinley-Massillon. Nothing beats week 10.

For some there is life after week 10 if your team makes the playoffs. With the playoffs looming it’s time for a quick lesson on how a team can make the playoffs. It’s a complicated point process, with the top 8 teams in each region divided into 7 divisions get into the playoffs. Points are awarded on your wins only.

There are 719 members schools and only 224 make the playoffs. A little over 31% of the high schools playing on week 10 will have a week 11 game. Making the playoffs is about who you play, who you beat and how the teams you beat fair playing their schedule and winning. For example, a team can go 9-1 and not make the playoffs if the teams they beat don’t win. You could see the opposite, a team could go 5-5 and make the playoffs based on the teams they beat. Next Sunday afternoon the OHSAA will officially release the list of teams making the playoffs and who and where they will play. Stay tuned.