Stark County vs. Northeast Ohio


Most high school football teams normally play 3 non-conference games each year, and most of those games are played in the first 3 weeks of the season. 

If you are a fan of high school football, you know that Stark County has some of the best football in the state.  They also play many of their non-league games against teams from outside of county, and I love to monitor the scores and see how each school faired.  

A look at how the first 2 weeks for Stark county schools went:

Week 1   Wins Loss avg. score avg. margin of victory

6 9 35.1 – 12.2 22.9 points

Week 2   Wins Loss avg. score avg. margin of victory

8 5 34.25-13.9 20.4 points


This week, 18 of our 19 Stark county schools play a team outside of the county.  We will take one last look next week before league play begins for most teams.

Kudos of the week goes to our undefeated teams, Jackson, Green, Fairless, and Canton South, who each have wins outside of the county.