Stats to Know for Stark County Playoffs

Welcome to High School Football, playoff style. We are now into the part of the season where it is one- and-done. One loss and it’s the end of your football season. For 20 teams in the county (we do include Green in this count) 13 have made it thus far. That means 65% of our teams made it to week 11.

Unfortunately, we know that 2 of our teams will not make it to week 12. That is due to the fact, 2 of our match-ups are against another county team, McKinley vs. GlenOak and Massillon vs. Perry.

Congratulations to the Lake Blue Streaks, they finished the season with the best record in the county at 9-1. Massillon finishes second with an 8-1 record. Two teams finished the regular season with an 8-2 record, that being Fairless and Alliance.
The combine record for our teams seeing playoff action is 82-47. Every team from the Federal League made it to week 11. Three teams from the PAC-7 are in, 2 independents, and just 1 team from the EBC. We had no one from the county make it from the IVC conference.

Our kudos of the week goes to Alex Anderson of Central Catholic. Alex rushed 232 yards on just 13 carries and 5 td’s. He averaged 17.8 yards per carry, doing all of this in just ½ of play.

Our Pro Football Hall of Fame Game of the Week will see Orrville coming to Falcon country taking on
Fairless.See you in the pressbox Friday night.