The Jackson-McKinley Rematch by the numbers


There is good news and bad news when there is a rematch of two stark county teams in the playoffs.   One is the familiarity with each other, they played back in week 8 with McKinley winning with just 56 seconds left in the 4th quarter. The final score was 29-28.

The bad news, for one team their season ends Friday night.  Let’s look back at week 8.

The numbers don’t lie, there is a reason why this was a 1 point contest.  

Total Yards: McKinley – 459, Jackson – 372.  

First downs: McKinley – 21, Jackson – 11. 

Passing yards: McKinley – 150 yards, with 2 touchdowns.  Jackson – 175 yards and 1 touchdown.

Rushing yards: McKinley – 309, 2 touchdowns, Jackson – 197 yards and 3 touchdowns.

3rd down conversion: McKinley 7-12, 58%, Jackson 3-8, 38%

4th down conversions: both were perfect, McKinley 1-1 and Jackson 2-2.

Penalties: McKinley 3-15 yards, Jackson 2-15 yards

Turnovers: McKinley 1- fumble, Jackson 2- fumbles

# plays: McKinley 65, Jackson 48


There are 3 numbers that I believe were factors in the game.  Those would be 1st downs, 3rd down conversions, and # of plays.  These factors all favor McKinley and all would have been a good reason for the one point victory.   Having the ball at the end of a close game is always a good thing.  You as a team can control the destiny of the game.


Hopefully we see another great game Friday and will it come down to who has the ball?  We will wait and see.  


See you at Tom Benson at 7pm.  Don’t be late.