Wide Receiver Stats
Last week we looked at the quarterbacks stats, this week we are looking at the wide receiver’s. One of my favorite receiver stats is the ‘yac’, yards after catch. YAC is the yardage gained from the point of reception to spot of the tackle. YAC can be a quarterbacks best friend. A 10 yard pass with a 40 yard run after the catch results in 50 reception yards for the quarterback. Most high schools don’t post the yac yards for receiver.
However, reception yards per catch is a stat that indicates our county top receivers.
This year we have 21 receivers with 21 catches or more. There are 6 receivers with at least 31 catches or more. There are 5 receivers with an average of at least 20 yards per catch and 2 receivers with 10 touchdowns or more.
The top 2 receivers after week 7 is Bradyn Nussbaum, Tuslaw, 39 receptions, 786 yards, 20.2 yards per catch with 11 touchdowns. Jayden Ballard, Massillon, 28 receptions, 609 yards, 21.8 yards per catch and 10 touchdowns.
Next week it’s the running backs.
The kudos player this week is Cameron Blair, Sandy Valley. Blair is another record breaking quarterback. Last week he broke the career record for touchdown passes throwing five touchdown passes breaking the previous record set by Alliance’s Charles Babb’s 73.
See you Friday night at a football game.