Kickers have been labeled as strange breed.  No one talks to them, in practice they hang out on the sidelines kicking the ball into a net.   During games on Friday night, it’s the same thing.  Kickers are constantly kicking into the net to keep their leg lose. You never see anyone talking to the kicker.

Occasionally there called upon to go out onto the field and kick an extra point, possibly punt the ball, or a kickoff. 

Kickers who can reach the end zone on a kickoff is a great weapon to have.  In high school, this means a touchback and the opposing team starts at their own 20 yardline.  A kicker who does that over 76% of the time, is a kicker I want on my team.

Kickers who don’t miss an extra point is another great weapon.  Especially halfway thru the season he hasn’t missed a single PAT.  That’s what you call ‘money’.

Punting is another part of the game that can be deadly if you have a punter who does not allow the punt returner an opportunity to run back the kick.  

Kicking is part of the game that sometimes gets miss in the stat line.  There is no rushing or passing yards, there are no touchdowns.  There’s no sacks, tackles, or even an interception.

However, a walk off field goal will get your attention.  This year Stark County is blessed with many good kickers that can quietly help you will a game.  You just may not know it.


Kudos of the week goes to Niko Paxos of Jackson, who made 3 field goals, including a walk-off 19 yard to  win the game.