Regional Semi Finals

Regional Semi Finals…
We are in week 3 of the playoffs. This is the regional semi-final game and we still have 3 teams remaining. The teams still playing are Massillon, Lake, and Canton South. All 3 are playing their best football and all 3 have tough opponents this weekend.
Looking at our 3 teams still playing this weekend, there are some interesting numbers. Combine they have 13,571 yards of total offense. Canton South has an insane amount of total yards as a team, 5,765. All 3 can score via all three phases of the game. All three have 30+ rushing touchdowns and all 3 have over 20+ passing touchdowns as a team. Combined their record is 30-5. Massillon and Lake finished the season with just 1 loss.
On paper, all 3 teams match up very well with their opponent. Numbers don’t lie, but there is a reason we play the game. We are looking at high school kids playing their heart out, just wanting to play week 14.
Good luck Massillon, Lake, and Canton South we are rooting for you. See you in the pressbox.