Stats and Thank you’s

As we prepare for our 75th year of covering High School football I thought I would share a couple of thank you’s.

The first gentleman I must thank is Jim Johnson. The long time sports guy who gave Bob Jeffreys and myself the opportunity to do game stats on the TV side. JJ was the best in the business and was responsible for bringing most of us into the station. I will be forever great full for opportunity he gave me.

The other is longtime statistician Dave Albert. Dave was amazing doing stats all by hand. Not only could he do stats, he was able to tell a story with numbers. Watching him doing games was such a great learning experience.

These two gentleman worked very hard in preparing for games. They knew every stat for each player for both teams. They used those numbers as reference throughout a broadcast and knew when to interject them at the right moment.

Our goal each and every broadcast is to be as prepared as possible. We will gather stats, keep scores of every game, every team and analyze the data as the game progresses.

Whether it’s on the radio, TV, or stream enjoy the coverage and we will keep bringing you all the numbers.