A Closer Look with Mark Miller

Hello Stark County football fans!  This is Mark Miller.  I am honored to join Dan Belford and Denny Kinkead to bring you high school football on WHBC.  Since I serve as the color analyst and attempt to bring insight and detail to what we see on the field each week, I thought it would be appropriate to bring you a segment that goes deeper, takes “A Closer Look” into the great competition and sportsmanship we see from area players and coaches during our games of the week. 

To give you some idea of my background and history with football, here is a short bio. I am Stark County born and bred, attended Canton South HS where I played football, basketball and baseball (coached by legends Red Ash in basketball and Tim Miller – my brother – in baseball). I was fortunate to earn a scholarship to Bowling Green State University to play football for another legend, Don Nehlen – a Canton guy. After playing quarterback for the Falcons for 4 years I was drafted in the 3rd round of the 1978 NFL draft by my boyhood favorite team, the Cleveland Browns. Backing up Brian Sipe on the early Kardiac Kids teams was a thrill. I was then traded to Green Bay for the 1980 season. After the Packers I had tryouts with the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders. Along my NFL road I learned from some other legends – Bart Starr in GB, Marv Levy in KC and Tom Flores in Oakland – all are NFL Hall of Famers. A short stop in Calgary of the CFL and one year with the Michigan Panthers, USFL Champions in 1983, led to coaching at BGSU for 7 seasons. Since then I did Falcon Football radio and high school sports TV for 30 years before returning to God’s Country to call games for WHBC – my favorite job yet!

 Along the way I hope I’ve learned enough football to accurately and interestingly share with you over the air so you can visualize the game by listening to us on 1480AM. I will take what we see each week during our game and provide details of what players and coaches do on the field.  Maybe why a certain play was called or why a rule came into play, or explain one of the many great plays we see each week by the teams and players in our area.   I look forward to joining you on the radio and in print each week as we take “A Closer Look” into high school football!