We’ve Got the Numbers!
Welcome back

As a numbers guy there is not much to share in week one, but I do have one. 887, that’s the number of days since the average fan could attend a football game. But all that changes this week. We are finally back.
Stark county has always been a hot bed for high school football and even a pandemic can’t stop  the joy for individuals from attending football games.  Last year it was basically parents and a few family members that were able to attend a game.
This year, we welcome back the grandparents, students, cheerleaders, bands, and just the average football junkie.
There will be 190 regular season games and WHBC will cover 33 games on either radio,TV, and stream.
My first kudos of the year goes to you the fans.  Welcome back to another great high school season.
Denny Kinkead